Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Red Dead Redemption Best Zombie Games

Find all of the best zombie games that have ever graced any gaming platform in our definitive top 7 list.

Most zombie games are just shooters with zombies in them, so they are really just shooting games. Leaving State of Decay off this list was just sloppy. A game that tries to capture the survival elements of a zombie apocalypse, and not just the killing part was a very welcome change.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Zombie games

What if zombies infested the wild, wild West? Well, Undead Nightmare is your answer. The Red Dead Redemption DLC has all of the characteristics that made the main storyline so great, only now almost everything you encounter is a walking bag of rotting flesh. You'll meet up with the same familiar characters from the standard campaign--who will probably be getting chewed on by brain eaters. There are new weapons and quests to find, towns to defend, and mythological horses to tame--plenty to keep you occupied well beyond the 6-hour story campaign.
The Undead Nightmare DLC is just about big enough to be considered its own game. The open-world has been covered with wandering zombies; even the animals are undead. That makes it all the cooler when you tame a zombified ho rse that's missing its neck meat. The transformed environment brings a completely new feel to the early 1900s open-world. With so much to do, a Western territory to explore, and zombies to blow apart with your brand new blunderbuss, you definitely don't want to miss this expansion.

What would you do if shambling corpses rose from the dead and began walking through town, chowing down on your Aunt Gertrude's gams? You're probably thinking you would be the complete badass in your survivor group. After all, as a gamer, you would have the most experience dealing with the walking dead--from, y'know, playing The Walking Dead. You've smashed more zombie brains, shotgunned more rotting faces, and mastered more corpse-killing weapons than you can count, all thanks to video games.We will all owe zombie games our lives when the inevitable apocalypse comes to pass. And that's why we've gathered together the games that got us to this level of undead-slaying efficiency. Check out our list of the best zombie games that you can get your hands on and start training for the end times now.


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